Feline Leukemia Care Center - Nonprofit 501(c)3 Shelter for cats diagnosed with FeLV
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We are a non-profit 501(c)3 shelter providing holistic care for cats diagnosed with the Feline Leukemia Virus (felv). 
Our cats come from rescue groups, animal humane societies & individuals. Because the virus can be transmitted to non-infected cats primarily through a deep tissue bite,  many veterinarians and pet owners choose to euthanize rather than gain knowledge of their illness and look for options. PLEASE REMEMBER:  THIS VIRUS IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE.  Pet owners and or adoptive/foster parents can live with a cat with a  compromised immune system by following these basics:  (1) by feeding good  quality food (preferably grain free,  see our last page for some suggestions), (2)  by giving them daily supplements to boost their immune systems and (3) by keeping stress to a minimum. These very basic needs will help immune compromised cats live productive and well deserved lives. With timely medical attention given to common ailments (upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, etc.), proper nutrition and supplements, the vast majority of these cats will be able to experience and live a quality of life they all deserve.

Cats with this virus ARE "special needs" cats and should be considered as such by all Animal Humane Societies and animal rescues and shelters.  

With your help, we can change the way cats are treated with this virus and hopefully one day soon, find a cure!  
Please Send Donations to: 
Feline Leukemia Care Center
190 Mallard Ct.
Please feel free to email or call for more information or questions about our surrender fee. 
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